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Walking sucks

You deserve better.

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  • Excessive Walking: Annoyed by walking everywhere on gameday?
  • Wasted time: Tired of waiting to flag down a pedicab?
  • Decreased energy: Irritated by wasting energy carrying tailgate supplies?
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A walking man's best friend

Zip works like Uber, except with golf carts!

  • Access Throughout Campus
  • Quick Rides
  • Fleet of Carts

Wide-Ranging Solutions

Golf Cart Rides

Save time & energy.

Advertisement Opportunities

Explode your brand.

Strategic Partnerships

Increase your event experience.

Job Opportunities

Enjoy your work.

Ordering a Ride is Easy

  • Download the Zip App
  • Enter Pickup Location & Destination
  • A Zip cart will pick you up!
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The Future of Gameday

Nobody likes walking everywhere on gameday, so we created a new app-based golf cart service. Now you can quickly reach your destination and enjoy more time with family & friends.

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Rules & Safety

Riding Rules

  • One passenger per seat.
  • No open containers of alcohol.
  • Please be courteous to those around you.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Follow all local city rules.


  • If you do not feel safe entering a Zip golf cart for any reason, do not enter and we will refund your money.
  • All Zip golf carts come standard with safety equipment.
  • Our drivers are trained and vetted thoroughly.