Zip provides businesses an opportunity to market all over campus on gameday to thousands of passionate fans.

The Zip platform offers numerous ways to get in front of and become top of mind for our driver and rider communities. Sponsors can market through LED brand advertisement on golf carts, in-app advertisements, and other co-branding opportunities. College campuses are an important audience for local businesses. Zip provides your business an effective way to market directly to fans.

To learn how your business can reach thousands of passionate fans, contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

University Partners

Zip provides an essential gameday fan experience enhancement for any university.

Fighting the lowest levels of college football attendance since 1996, many universities are seeking ways to improve their gameday experience, and Zip provides exactly that. As coach Sonny Dykes said, “That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life going to the Super Bowl. Trying to get to the stadium, trying to figure out parking, trying to figure out ride sharing.” CBS columnist Dennis Dodd adds, “Just going to games can be damn difficult.” We agree, Dennis. Instead of fans choosing their couch over walking miles in extreme weather, Zip provides them a better overall experience and future probability of attending games.

To learn how a partnership with Zip could boost your university gameday experience, please contact us!